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Poster: stbalbach Date: Apr 10, 2010 1:26pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Problems downloading PDFs

If you want, post the name of the PDF, and I'll try to download it to see what happens. I'm not on dial-up though. Dial-up can be touch and go. I think the latest Firefox will resume aborted files part way through so you don't have to keep starting over.


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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Apr 10, 2010 7:34pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Problems downloading PDFs

yes, Firefox will resume stopped downloads, but its 50/50 then that you have a usable file once downloaded.

As I pay for my DSL by bytes downloaded, I found it more economic to do a new download, people on dial up dont pay by the byte so a resume might be better.

NZ's connection overseas sometimes gets overloaded, specially when Telecom NZ put out the Go Large package, unlimited everything, it said on the advertising, the small print said no file sharing. Telecom paid compensation and a big fine for the small print, everybody was doing file sharing 24/7 and at times flat out DSL (1 not DSL 2) became slower then slow dial up.

You guys in the USA are going to repeat our Telecom's mistake, its got rid of Go Large, now has managed unlimited, managed means they slow you down if you use more than your fair share. but I am with a competitor ISP, 25 GB traffic, flat out WITH free national toll calls. (25 GB is almost too much for my needs but its a reliable speed)

you guys in the USA will live to regret that you regulators wont allow your ISPs to manage usage on unlimited DSL plans.

Think about how your G3 mobile access in New York got overloaded